Activities in Nicaragua

There are a lot of activities to be done in Nicaragua. Travelers could do sightseeing in Granada or Managua or any of the other mayor cities. There is lots of hiking to be done in the mountains of the north and the volcanoes Ometepe Island or���������������������������������� the mainland. Many resorts and hotels in Nicaragua offer watersports or trips into the jungle. You could visit Bluefields Nicaragua or do Nicaragua ecotourism. The activities in Nicaragua are close to endless.

Activities in Nicaragua depend on the way you travel

Depending on how you travel and whether move a lot, staying in different hotels during your journey or have decided on staying in one of the beautiful resorts, the activities will be more limited but still plentiful.

Activities in Nicaragua: The area of Granada

If you are staying in a hotel in Granada Nicaragua you will have access to nearly all of the possible activities for travelers in Nicaragua. You can explore the center of the city with its Victorian architecture or you pay a visit to the magical Apoyo Lagoon to swim and hike in the slopes surrounding it. You could also do watersports on the Lake Nicaragua or visit Ometepe Island, one of the world’s largest fresh water islands and hike on its volcanoes, Volcano Concepción or Volcano Maderas. There is also the Mombacho Volcano, which is just a short drive from Granada Nicaragua. Of course you could also simply hang out at your hotel, enjoying good food, a swim in the pool and read a nice book.

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