Apoyo Lagoon

Apoyo Lagoon is actually a crater formed by a volcanic explosion of one of Nicaragua’s many volcanos like Mombacho Volcano, taking place approximately 23.000 year ago. The crater measures six kilometers in diameter and is now filled with water, building the beautiful Laguna de Apoyo.

The lagoon is the largest lagoon of volcanic origin in Nicaragua with a surface of 2110 hectares and a total depth of 175 meters.

The crystal-clear water and the beautifully preserved nature make the Laguna de Apoyo a real jewel for travelers looking for a nice and relaxed day far away from the troubles of sightseeing and city life.

The superficial water temperature during the summer month is about 27°C to 28°C. An ideal temperature to just lounge in the water all day, relax and swim a little. Other activities to be done could be kayaking or hiking around the slopes of the Laguna de Apoyo. But after having done so many of the activities in Nicaragua, it might simply be enough to just kick back and relax in the water.

Visiting Apoyo Lagoon: A perfect trip from Granada, Nicaragua

Being this close to Granada, the Lago de Apoyo is a perfect destination for guests at Hotel Casa Cubana who need a day off from sightseeing in Granada Nicaragua. Starting in the morning you could spend all day at Apoyo Lagoon, having your lunch in one of the small restaurants at the shore of the lagoon, offering fresh fish and traditional dishes and returning in the evening to take your dinner at the hotel or in one of Granada’s great restaurants.

Water quality of Apoyo Lagoon

Although the water of Apoyo Lagoon is crystal-clear and has a good visibility, it is not fit for direct human consumption. You can swim in it and it won’t matter if you swallow some, but you shouldn’t drink large quantities of it.

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