Bluefields Nicaragua

Bluefields is located on the Bluefields Bay at the mouth of the “Rio Escondido” (“hidden river”). It was named after the Dutch pirate Abraham Blauvelt who used the area to hide and prepare raids on Spanish ships.

After formerly being the capital of the former Zelaya Department, Bluefields Nicaragua is now the capital of the municipality of the same name, as well as of “Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur” (“Autonomous Region of the Southern Atlantic“, short R.A.A.S.) in Nicaragua.

Many travelers state that though they have tried dearly, getting into contact with the Nicaraguans has been a little difficult due to language problems. A peculiarity of Bluefields is, that people speak Creole, a slick dialect of English typical for the Caribbean islands. So communication should be a lot easier when you are visiting this area.

Travelling to Bluefields Nicaragua

The traditional way to travel to Bluefields in Nicaragua is by using the so-called “Pangas”, medium-sized riverboats, starting from the city of El Rama and following the Rio Escondido downstream. Apart from Nicaragua Ecotourism, this is definitely one of the coolest activities in Nicaragua.

You could also fly to Bluefields from Managua or other cities, but you will miss out on the unique journey on the river, floating gently through the Nicaraguan jungle.

As of late there has been the possibility travel to Bluefields in Nicaragua by way of land using a dirt road from El Rama, but you won’t find any bus shuttles as of yet and again will miss out on the boat tour on the river.

Things to do when staying in Bluefields Nicaragua

Apart from admiring the colorful houses of Victorian design, which you might already have seen in Granada, Nicaragua, you will inevitably get to listen to the sounds of reggae music, reminding you of the fact, that this area relates more to the Caribe than to Central America.

Bluefields in Nicaragua also has a comprehensive shopping area where you can visit the municipal market “Teodoro Martínez” or buy seafood at reasonable prices.

Sights you definitely don’t want to miss out on are:

  • General Moravian Church
  • Kings Park
  • Historical Museum of the Atlantic Coast
  • Center for Research and Documentation of the Atlantic Coast

Guests of Hotel Casa Cubana that have any further questions regarding to visiting Bluefields Nicaragua should feel free to contact us. We will happily try to answer all your questions.

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