Casa Cubana is located within 9 minutes walk of Parque Central, Granada.

Address and map of Granada Nicaragua

Calle La Libertad
Dos Cuadras al Norte de Iglesia Xalteva
  Map of Granada Nicaragua with House Location – Click to Enlarge 

How to get here

Airport transfer available on request. $35 USD.

By air

Augusto C. Sandino is the nearest international airport to Granada and is approximately 40 minutes travel time by car. The airport is located in Managua the Capital of Nicaragua. A one-way taxi journey costs approximately 35 US$. MGA is the world airport code to use when booking your flights.

Within Granada

Taxis, horse-drawn carriage, 3 wheeler Tut-tuts, bikes and by foot are the modes of transport here. We are located on Calle La Libertad, two blocks north of the Xalteva Church.

If you take a taxi or carriage, you can practice your Spanish and ask the driver to take you to Casa Cubana, Dos Cuadras al Norte de Iglesia Xalteva. As in most of Latin America, addresses are not widely used. You can find us by asking for La Frontera Bar. We are the third house to the right of La Frontera.

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