Hotels in Granada Nicaragua

Although Granada has recently seen quite an increase in visitors and tourists, it shouldn’t be difficult to find hotels in Granada Nicaragua. There are plenty of different offers, which can be found online, next to the natural wonders of the country like e.g. Mombacho Volcano as well as in magazines, travellers’ guides and of course by simply walking through the city.

But selecting a high quality hotel out of all the hotels might be a little more difficult.

Quality of hotels in Granada Nicaragua

The situation with hotels in Granada Nicaragua is the same as in the rest of the world. There are very cheap hotels with bad quality, very expensive ones with low quality, cheap hotels with very good quality and high standards as well as expensive hotels with very good quality and high standards and of course everything in between.

As always the art lies not only in finding the right hotel for the own budget but also in finding a hotel that has the right atmosphere, good standards and an overall quality, that will make the stay as pleasant as possible.

Hotel Casa Cubana ������������������������������������������������������������� one of the nicest hotels in Granada Nicaragua

At Hotel Casa Cubana Granada we do not only hold high standards and quality but are also very proud of the atmosphere we�������ve created. Our guests and their wellbeing are our number one priority and we treat them accordingly.

But we go further to differentiate us from other hotels. We always see our guests as potential friends rather than only as customers.

If you have any further questions regarding Hotel Casa Cubana Granada, feel free to contact us.

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