Mombacho Volcano in Nicaragua

Located just 10 km from the city of Granada in Nicaragua the Mombacho is one of the most famous volcanoes in all of Nicaragua.

The so-called “Cloud Forrest”, a fairytale like forest almost always covered in misty clouds, covers most of the sides and top of the Volcano Mombacho.

The volcano is 1344 meters high, allowing a fantastic view on Lake Nicaragua, if you are lucky and the top is not covered in clouds. The Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve, home to over 700 different plants, is one of 78 protected areas in Nicaragua.

Getting to the top of Mombacho Volcano

The incredible steepness of the road uphill, leading through coffee plantations and later the Cloud Forest, will definitely serve for an adventurous ride.

There are also three different trails leading up to the top of Volcano Mombacho:

  • El Cafetal Trail (easy, about 30 minutes)
  • El Cráter Trail (medium, about 1.5 hours)
  • El Puma Trail (hard, about 4 hours)

You cannot enter the Puma Trail without a guide, but you should see this as a plus as guides will show you things that might otherwise elude you on your way to the top.

Things to do at the Mombacho Volcano

Hiking the volcano is one of the many activities in Nicaragua. Once you have reached the top of the Volcano Mombacho, be it by bus or by foot, you will find that the temperature has dropped by a few degrees and the air is very humid.

The volcano has four craters all covered with cloud forest. This type of forest can only be found on the Mombacho and on the Maderas Volcano on Ometepe Islands.

We suggest you take your time to hike around the craters and observe the special kind of flora and fauna thriving due to the humid climate on top of the Mombacho. It will be a nice change from all the sightseeing in Granada Nicaragua.

You can also visit the tourist center, run by the Cocibolca Foundation, offering maps, photos, models and souvenirs of the Mombacho Volcano. You will also be able to get some food and drinks in the small cafeteria.

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