Nicaragua Ecotourism

Due to its geographic position Nicaragua is a country of unique and tremendous biodiversity. Nicaragua’s landscape of Pacific and Atlantic coast with their beautiful beaches, the mountains and volcanoes as well as its lakes and forests make for a natural paradise. This, and the fact that 76 protected areas cover about 20% of the countries landmass are the reasons why eco-tourism in Nicaragua is so special.

Nicaragua Ecotourism – Protected areas make it a unique experience

Because they are protected, many areas in Nicaragua have remained true wilderness with high populations of rare animals and a lot of species that have yet to be discovered. This makes ecotourism in Nicaragua such a special thing and one of the top activities in Nicaragua. Low-impact guided ecotours in small groups, will allow you to see real wildlife, not tamed animals you can feed by hand, but shy inhabitants of a world where humans are the exception, if known at all. Animals might be ignorant of humans not because they are used to them, but because it is the first time they ever get into contact with them. But in general one should expect them to be well hidden and shy. But this is one of the thrills of Nicaragua ecotourism.

Nicaragua Ecotourism – Recent Developement

Lately ecotourism in Nicaragua has experienced a slight growth, as has Nicargua travel in general but the size of the country and the fact that tourism in Nicaragua in general is only just developing, ensure that as an ecotourist in Nicaragua you won’t bump into humans at every tree, waterfall or lake.

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