Nicaragua Weather

Nicaragua weather is dependent on many factors such as the time of year and where exactly you want to go. As in every other country around the world, the weather in Nicaragua depends a lot on the time of the year, although the temperature varies only to a small degree and is largely dictated by the elevation rather than the time of the year.

In general the country is known to have three temperature zones:

  • The lowlands or so-called “hot lands” (Pacific and Atlantic coast) ranging from sea level to about 750 meters of elevation.
  • The central part of the country or so-called “temperate lands” ranging from 750 m of elevation to about 1.600 meters.
  • The mountains in the north, the so-called “cold lands” at elevations above 1.600 meters, only to be found on or near the highest peaks of the central highlands.

The temperatures in the lowlands vary from 22° C – 30° C (72° F – 86° F) with a possible 38° C (100° F) in May. In the central part of the country temperatures are roughly about 5° C (9° F) lower and in the mountain areas of the north temperatures differ by ca. 10° C (18° F).

Nicaragua Weather – two seasons

As in many countries close to the equator you will find two seasons instead of four. The two seasons dictating the climate in Nicaragua are the dry season and the rainy season.

During the dry season from January to June there will scarcely be any rain and trees and plants will start to dry out and loose all of their leaves. In Nicaragua weather will still be good during the rainy season with short bursts of tropical rain during the day.

But with the return of the rain in July and the changing of the weather in Nicaragua life will return to the plants and everything will turn green once again.

Visitors should have in mind that the weather in Nicaragua is also dependent on whether you are at the Pacific or the Atlantic coast and the times for dry and rainy season differ about one month with the Atlantic coast being one month ahead of the Pacific coast.

Nicaragua Weather – required clothing

As the weather in Nicaragua is pretty good even during the rainy season and the temperatures are pretty high in general we’d advise you to bring lightweight summer clothing. Waterproofs are advisable during rainy season or on your way to Bluefields Nicaragua or travelling on Lake Nicaragua and warmer clothes for the higher altitudes, but as stated the climate in Nicaragua allows for light closing in general which makes for pleasantly light Nicragua travel luggage.

If you have any questions regarding Nicaragua weather during your planned stay, feel free to contact us.

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