Ometepe Island

The island of Ometepe is an absolute must for everyone doing Nicaragua Travel. Its absolute natural beauty and the variety of activities to be done, make it the optimal destination for travelers, tourists and adventurers.

Formed by two volcanoes, Ometepe Island is located toward the center of Lake Nicaragua. The name Ometepe is of Náhuti origin, the word ome meaning two and the word tepetle meaning mountain.

Due to the location of the two volcanoes the Island of Ometepe is formed like an hourglass with the Volcano Concepción located in the northwest and the Volcano Maderas located in the southeast of the island. The Concepción is still counted as an active volcano. Its latest eruption has been in 2010.

Life and activities on Ometepe Island

Life on the island evolved and still revolves around the two volcanoes.

Fertile lands due to volcanic ashes allow for quality agriculture as well as a rich flora and fauna.

Beautiful beaches invite for long lasting walks, rivers, lakes and waterfalls on the island itself present perfect opportunities for refreshing swims while exploring the jungle and its inhabitants. The adventure-seeking traveller who needs a little more physical activity, than just walking the panoramic beaches and exploring the wildlife on the island, can climb both volcanoes.

Ometepe Island’s main port – port Moyogalpa

The small but beautiful city of Moyogalpa (Náhuti for “place of mosquitoes”) holds the main harbor of Ometepe. Boats and ferries travel from San Jorge, a small town near Granada, Nicaragua, to Moyogalpa several times a day.

Apart from visiting Apoyo Lagoon, we would advise all our guests to make the trip to the Island of Ometepe and maybe even stay in one of the small hotels for a day or two. Guests of Hotel Casa Cubana should feel free to contact us if in need for help, organizing your trip to Ometepe Island.

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