Resorts in Nicaragua

Due to the increase in tourism you can now find many beautiful resorts in Nicaragua.

Being a country filled with natural wonders, like volcanoes, one of the worlds’ largest freshwater lakes in the world, Caribbean beaches and vast jungles, Nicaragua is the ideal country for a vacation.

One of the most renowned resorts in Nicaragua – Barceló Playa

The most renowned resort is probably the wonderful Barceló Playa resort in Montelimar. This all-inclusive beach resort has its own botanical gardens and is beautifully located overlooking the pacific. Many of the spacious guest rooms and suites have balconies offering a look on the Pacific Ocean.

The whole area of Montelimar is famous for its beach resorts, but there are other places where you can find dreamlike all-inclusive resorts as well.

Beach resorts in Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur – a surfer’s paradise

San Juan del Sur has been known to be the place to be for the more adventurous traveler. The area is known for many of the activities in Nicaragua, but especially for its perfect surfing conditions and over the years has attracted more and more travelers in search of adventures and adrenaline.

The area of San Juan del Sur is home to some of the most beautiful resorts in all of Nicaragua.

In our opinion there are to many wonderful places in Nicaragua to just stay at one of the resorts all the time. Instead we’d suggest doing some travelling staying in hotels in Granada Nicaragua, such as Hotel Casa Cubana Granada. After you have seen the beauties the country holds you could well stay in one of the all-inclusive beach resorts in Nicaragua to relax for a week or two and just chill out, do some watersports our tour the nearby areas.

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