Sightseeing in Granada Nicaragua

Granada in Nicaragua, also called �����La gran sultana“, makes a perfect entry point for travelling Nicaragua as important sightseeing points and natural wonders like Masaya, los Pueblos Blancos and Lake Nicaragua are close by.

Even Managua itself is only one hour by bus, which makes Granada the ideal place for travelers who, on the one hand would like to visit Managua, but on the other hand prefer to elude the noise and hectic environment of a huge city such as Managua.

Of course sightseeing in Granada is so interesting, that this alone should be a reason for a visit.

Points of interest and sightseeing in Granada Nicaragua

If you travel Nicaragua you’ll definitely want to stay in one of the hotels in Granada Nicaragua and do some sightseeing. The colonial heritage, which can be seen in its architecture and layout, give the city a special flair and beauty. Tourists and travellers tend to spend a lot of time visiting places and sights such as:

  • San Francisco Church and Museum
  • Xalteva Church
  • Plazuela de los Leones
  • Plaza de la Independencia
  • Central Park
  • Guadalupe Church
  • La Merced Church
  • Souls Chapel
  • Fortin de San Pablo
  • Episcopal Palace
  • Alcaldía Municipal
  • San Antonio College
  • Diocesan College
  • Old Social Club
  • Old Railway Station
  • Apoyo Lagoon (located close to the city)

Sightseeing in Granada Nicaragua – better by foot

We’d advise our guests to leave their cars at the hotel, as Granada’s streets are pretty narrow and many of them are one-way-streets.

Lately a lot of money has been invested in the restoration of Granada’s infrastructure, but still we would advise you to do go by foot.

But sightseeing is not only limited to the city. Many points of interest lie close by and can easily be visited in a day trip and there are certain things you simply don’t want to miss such as Lake Nicaragua and it’s volcanic islands.

For any further information on sightseeing in Granada please don’t hesitate to ask your hosts at Hotel Casa Cubana Granada.

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