Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua

There are many tourist attractions in Nicaragua. So many in fact, that travelers will either have to spend a lot of time to see them all or will have to select a few. In order to make this decision a little easier on you we have selected some of the most precious attractions.



Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua – Managua

When it comes to tourist attractions, a definite must is Managua. After having a bad reputation of being dirty and dangerous, the capital city of Nicaragua wit a population of around 1.7 million has recently been rated the safest capital in Central America by organizations such as INTERPOL and the United Nations.

Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua – Granada

If you are searching for a typical colonial city with colorful houses in Victorian design and architecture Granada is the place to visit. Together with its ideal location next to  Apoyo Lagoon and more importantly Lake Nicaragua, which allows travellers to easily reach other places of interest like San Juan del Sur or Bluefields Nicaragua by boat, Granada is one of the most interesting attractions in all of Nicaragua.


Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua – San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur has recently gotten a lot of attention by foreign visitors as well as foreign real estate investment turning this area in Nicaragua into one of the top attractions for travelers. This has not been without reason. The tranquil fishing village, located between two volcanic headlands offers beautiful beaches and a Caribbean tropical setting and many of all the activities in Nicaragua can be done here.

Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua – Tola

Located north of San Juan del Sur, Tola is known to be home to the best surfing spots in all of Nicaragua. Dramatic coastline and incredibly beautiful beaches are what makes the area of Tola one of the top tourist attractions in Nicaragua, worthwhile a visit not only for surfers.

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